Health & wellness programs in the workplace are becoming more popular than ever before.  This is appropriate seeing as we spend 60% of our waking hours at work!

 A healthier staff has both economical and social benefits including; reduced absences, reduced turn over, reduced frequency of accidents, increased productivity, improved moral, increased community and comrade.

Push Pull Training brings a dynamic approach to wellness. 

We develop wellness committees within organizations that pave the way to healthier lifestyles. 

Listed are some examples of projects lead by our team:

  • 6,8 and 12 Week Nutrition Challenges including Body Weight and Body Fat measurements on a bi-weekly basis.

  • Nutrition “Lunch N’Learn” lectures.

  • Group Training: Early morning & lunchtime workouts lead by coach for groups of 5-15 people.

  • 1x1 gym orientations for employees.

  • On site gym build outs.

  • Non-Profit event organization such as 5K charity walk/runs.

  • Consulting with food vendors for healthier options to be readily available to employees.
  • Creation of recreational events calendar for both inside company walls as well as off site such as hikes, group indoor rock climbing, lunch time running groups and much more!